Instruments made into miniature dolls house scenes






Various  dioramas including:

Unpacked by Mohamad Hafez

This Syrian artist uses suitcases to recreate the homes refugees left behind. Everyday objects become containers for intimate personal memories

Hologram Jukebox

This is a prototype we are currently working on. Its a coin operated jukebox that plays a selection of holograms as well as music. Its top secret so shhh!

The Icebook

Some of our previous work

The Paper Architect

Some of our previous work

Faithless -  I want my Family Back (excerpt)

A song about a house sung from the house's point of view:

The Idea

I want to create an installation that allows the piano to tell the story of its life,  offering the audience the chance to peer inside it to witness intimate and personal memories from the  piano's point of view.

The piano will have several holes and cracks carefully cut into its body. Each one of these holes will be a 'window' into a highly detailed, meticulously crafted, miniature 'dolls house' world that will be inhabited by miniature holograms of people.

Each window/vignette will be a scene/memory in the pianos life and the holograms will represent the characters it encountered along the way.

The audience will be able to play these short scenes by pressing corresponding keys on the piano's keyboard. Each key will also trigger a complementary piece of piano music.


The stages in the pianos life could be:

Its Birth: A scene might depict its careful and loving creation by a piano maker

Its Adoption: The piano being chosen by a family, becoming a beloved and treasured member of that family.

Middle Age: Here there may be a few different scenes that show the piano as an object played by a child, 
consoling that child when they are sad, bringing joy to a family at gatherings round it at a reunion and various
other scenarios that include the piano in family life.

Its Old Age: Here we may see the piano that watch the children grow up and leave home and the parents get old,
until it eventually outlives the entire family and is left unused, lonely and isolated. 

Its Death - Here we watch the piano wither and decompose.

These are just ideas at this stage and obviously not set in stone. They also might not fit with your intentions but It is more of an indicator of where my head is at rather than a finalised proposal.