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Studio McGuire - Getty Museum - AR Experience
An immersive celebration of the human desire to fantasise.


We want to craft a captivating and enchanting augmented reality (AR) realm that breathes life into Getty's manuscript The Book of the Marvels of the World. Within this immersive AR world, exquisite papercraft dioramas will hang suspended in the air, resembling majestic floating islands. Each of these islands symbolizes a distinct realm and corresponds to a different chapter within the manuscript's narrative.

As users embark on this interactive audiovisual voyage of exploration, they are welcomed to traverse these realms, stumbling upon the boundless landscapes of the writer's imagination, replete with fantastical tales and exotic creatures. This immersive experience invites users to wander through these lands, opening the door to a curious world where the author's un-worldly imagination comes alive.


By utilising augmented reality, evocative soundscapes and beautifully crafted paper dioramas, we aim to engage and educate visitors about the manuscript's stories and worlds, while highlighting the writer's ethnocentric cultural assumptions and fantastical storytelling. This immersive journey will offers users a delightful blend of interactivity, contemplation and beauty. 

Grains of Recollection: Interactive VR experience by Studio McGuire

Within this intricate paper world, users will have the opportunity to navigate through the dioramas using their phones, adding an interactive and game-like dimension to the experience. As they explore, they will discover hidden elements related to the manuscript's stories. These could take the form of subtle animations, ambient sounds and interactive objects.

The user may find themselves at the edge of an enchanted forest, where intricate trees stretch into the distance. The wind rustles through its leaves as it whispers tales of talking animals, ancient spirits, and magical flora that bloom. The audience peers through this enchanted world with their device exploring it as if their device is a looking glass.

Perhaps the user follows a beautiful miniature papercraft hot air balloon as it floats across their room, transporting them to the different floating papercraft islands representing the manuscript's worlds.


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