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Harewood House 2024
Another Night at the Mansion

1. Music Room:



Loud un-melodic noises are coming from the piano and upon closer inspection it’s the mini servants causing mayhem again. Using the piano strings as a trampoline the little guys are seen jumping up and down in the half open piano.

2. Dining Room:



On a lavishly decorated dining table two plates are trying to emulate a posh conversation while those little servants make an appearance as they climb onto plates to serve the cherry on top.

3. Gallery



There’s some lovely singing and some not so lovely bickering coming from the large Christmas tree. Looks like a few of the large baubles hanging in there are practicing their Christmas carols.

4. Cinnamon Drawing Room



A mix of portraits (including one from 2019) discuss their Christmas at Harewood experiences. The one who was there in 2019 adds her view on what happened during that year in order to comment on the house' "modern" history. 

5. Yellow Drawing Room



Since it was a lot of people's favourite part the ceiling projection will be back in its original form.