Tabletop Rock

In this current time of isolation Tabletop Rock will be an augmented reality app that allows local bands and musicians to be transported to play gigs in the comfort of peoples homes. 
In it, bands and musicians will be shrunk down to the size of a coffee cup and will be placed on any domestic surface that the audience member chooses. Bands will be playing miniature gigs on desks, sofas and shelves, thus animating peoples homes with their music and performance.

We would like to select 5 to 10 different bands and musicians from the local area and record them performing in a green screen studio. 

Our audience will receive an envelope with 5 - 10 A4 prints of the band's album covers and instructions of how to download and use the Tabletop Rock app. When the audience points their camera phone at these makers,"hey presto" the performance begins and the band appear to perform their music on top of their artwork.

The envelope could also be a medium through which Hexham Arts centre can communicate any messages through their own marketing ie. upcoming news, performances and events.