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  • Davy & Kristin McGuire

October 2019: Amsterdam, Stockholm, Kuwait and Sleaford :)

If you are in Amsterdam or Stockholm or Kuwait or Sleaford this month you can visit two very different shows and a talk of ours:

For some dark, delicately crafted artworks inspired by the seedy, shady underworld of Film Noir head to Amsterdam's museum quarter and visit our first international solo exhibition at Wanrooij Gallery.

"There is a volatility and rawness about Kristin and Davy that can make some uneasy, a sense of inner fires barely contained, as if a peculiar veil of melancholy is flying through the air to foreign lands and peoples, a veil that shows us that there are marvellous doors into darkness, gloves left behind, circles of light through which creatures are passing only to return to places that don't exist."

For some "multicoloured-loco" "mind-blowing" "psychedelic" "stunningly realised" "extremely trippy" "visually amazing" "technical wizardry and razzledazzle" (not our words!) book yourself a ticket at the Banquet of Hoshena, a unique dining experience which premiered in London in June, toured to Nashville in August and will head to Bondensee Germany, Istanbul and Dubai soon after it's current run in Kuwait and Stockholm.

And to hear us speak about our work at the one-day symposium The Artist’s Perspective – ‘Digital as a Craft’ come and see us at The National Centre for Craft & Design Navigation in Sleaford,

Meanwhile in our studio in Hull we are working on a variety of projects ranging from hologram jukeboxes to projection mapped computer games and from big immersive theatrical exhibitions à la "Night at the Museum" to rehearsals for Kristin's guest performance at the North East Pole Championships:

Finally: We've left Instagram! If you miss us over there then check in over here because we update our news page every month. (We're still on facebook though if you want a social media fix :)


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