Underwater Projections

The Narrative

Sirens is a beautiful, haunting, and uncanny display of holographic projections into water. Featuring an array of sea creatures and mermaids as they encounter human detritus, plastic pollution and climate change.

In ancient folklore, mermaids have come to signify the delirium of an alluring, supernatural and deadly peril. They are often represented as beautiful seductive creatures whose hypnotic voices entrance unwitting sailors their doom by ruining their ships into lethal tempest or crippling rocks. The word ‘Siren’ is not only used as an alias for a mermaid but is also the term for a device that warns us of an ominous danger and potent threat.


As global warming impacts the habitats of animals, we see fish populations diminish to the brink of extinction. Mermaids are not exempt from this destructive process. In our story they have been forced to migrate to better feeding grounds to survive. Moving closer to urban environments helps them to scavenge from human food waste. Is the Sirens’ appearance a symptom of worse things to come...

The Project

Sirens was first created as a large scale, outdoor installation that uses holographic, projections to transform public waterways such as docks, rivers and canals into mythical underwater worlds inhabited by supernatural sea creatures and mysterious mermaids.


​Originally commissioned By Absolutely Cultured, the project is due to tour to Noor Ryadh festival in Saudi Arabia, Aarus Festival, Denmark and Light Night Leeds. The installation has already been exhibited for Lightwaves in Manchester and Flloodlights festival in Hull.

We are now looking to turn this project into an indoor installation where holographic mermaids are projected into a large water tray within a gallery context. We think that this could be a beautiful, melancholic and thought-provoking experience.