At the moment there is a piece of code that lays down a wall and a floor in relation to the object and as soon as the object is detected.


The main problems with this method is:


PROBLEM -  You cannot project images directly onto the object as this interferes with Vuforia's image detection. 


WORKAROUND- would possibly be to use an infrared / night vision camera and to flood the scene with infrared light to make the projection completely disappear to the infrared camera. There are ways to hack a webcam to turn it into night vision:


Once this is complete here is a Unity functionality that would be useful:


1- Instead of a wall / floor being laid down in relation to the coordinates of the image target. The wall should pre exist and the image target's coordinates should be relaid to unity in relation to the wall. X and Y are more important than Z axis although all 3 would be preferable.