Draft proposal for The Deep (July 2022)


We would like to anthropomorphise a Yorkshire oyster reef as a dinner party scene in which sound and projections lend oysters voices and faces that entertain visitors with factual oyster gossip.

A white sculpture of a realistic oyster bed
will provide an elevated floor surface on which colourful projections of ‘oyster faces’, fish, microorganisms, water currents and other biological processes can bring the story of local oysters to life.

We would like to work with the Deep’s team to choose a selection of 10 to 20 facts that they find important to communicate with their visitors, and then commission a local writer to weave these facts into an engaging ‘every day dinner conversation’ between neighbouring oyster shells.

These conversations can range from chats about changing gender and dreaded appointments with the ‘gillist’, complaints about the tastes and flavours of the estuary water and how much hard work it is to filter 140l of water every day, to the neighbourhood being colonised by algae, sponges and crabs. Oh, and human activity is also a favourite subject of oyster gossip - What on earth are they doing?



One or two  projectors mounted on the ceiling could cover the entire sculpture and ensure that audiences cannot cast shadows or otherwise interfere with the technology. 

We suggest removing the casing of the existing column and use the column as a surface for displaying any necessary info graphics, texts or audio transcripts.

Screenshot 2022-07-05 at 17.28.38.png