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List of Available Works 

1. Jam Jar Fairy and Mermaid

Hologram Video Sculptures

Available Fairies.jpg

Jam Jar Fairies are hologram video sculptures that can be hung on a wall. Each type of fairy comes in 8 editions. We have also experimented with a mermaid in a bottle which we could develop very quickly as a new piece.

We've sold lots of fairies for £4500 each and we have 3 in stock at the moment. (Those last 3 fairies will probably be the last ones though because we are a bit tired of making them :)

2. The Factory

Animated Wooden Diorama

The Factory is part of a series of artworks called The Dark Dollshouse which consists of 7 wall hanging, wooden paper dioramas that are animated with film noir characters.

We've sold 1 large version of this piece for £12.000 (5 editions), and various smaller ones for £6000. At the moment we only have a large version in stock.

AAF Wed 03 18 GBPhotos  135.jpg
dolls house.00_05_53_05.Still006_edited.jpg

3. Playhouse and Dollhouse

Animated Wooden Dioramas

Playhouse and Dollhouse are 2 other pieces from the The Dark Dollshouse series. 

We've sold 4 out of 5 editions of Playhouse for £6.000 (5 editions).

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