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DIOR & Studio McGuire Korea 2023 - Golden Butterfly Projections

1. Interactive Butterflies

Since seeing people follow the fish swarms in the Zhangyuan floor projections for Riviera we thought it would be nice to make the butterfly swarms interactive so that people can actually play with the butterflies. Butterfly murmurations could be made to follow and surround visitors and create hypnotic swarms around them. Sparkle trails or pollen clouds could also be made interactive (see example further down).

We actually really like the simplicity and elegance of projecting beautiful interactive butterfly/sparkle murmurations on their own. They could be adapted to various spaces and sizes. 

We think the butterfly murmurations could look nice on the floor, on holographic gauze and on walls, as large swarms or small flocks (using pico projectors).

2. Possible Aesthetics:

If the simplicity of the interactive butterfly murmurations isn't enough here are is a short example of other things we've tried to put together.

Turn sound on!

Glowing Butterfly.

Right video: Projection surface/material tests using a light grey paving slab, a light grey carpet and a marble stone surface.

Butterfly murmurations that create hypnotically dancing flocks of butterflies.

Butterfly with sparkle trails to add a sense of Christmas.

These butterflies could be added as little micro projections to other areas and objects, for example as holograms to Dior perfume bottles.

3. Previous Experiments with Interactive Projections

We did some interactive projection experiments with a dancer, interactive projections and holographic gauze (a lace-like, see through material) a while ago. The below videos show the effect of a person's movement onto the projections. The projections happen either on holographic gauze in front of the person (first two videos) or a white wall behind the person (3rd video). In the fourth video the projections are not interactive but you can see the gauze at the beginning and the end of the video.

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