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★★★★ “What follows makes the jaw drop and the head whirl.”

The Times on The Paper Architect, read the full review here.


★★★★★ "Technical wizardry combines with whimsical sensibility to create magic."

Artshub on The Paper Architect, read full review here

“Magical and exquisitely crafted, Kristin and Davy McGuire's miniature model universe is full of visual wonders.”

The Guardian, read the full interview here.

★★★★ “It’s a show with a gossamer touch that leaves you shivering. ”

Metro on The Paper Architect, read the full review here.

"A show stopping homage to Millais"

Financial Times on Ophelia's Ghost

"Best of the bunch, though, is Kristin and Davy McGuire’s Vertigo, which uses digital projections onto gauze to transform a sensuous pole-dance by the former into an image of humanity – in its grace and loneliness – moving through time and space. With artistry and technical precision, a shifting matrix of light accompanies, entwines and engulfs the movement to the sound of a heavenly Agnus Dei. Stunning. I could watch it on a loop for hours." 

The Telegraph on Vertigo, read full article here

★★★★ "Theatrical language of exquisite quality."

The West Australian on The Paper Architect, read full review here

“Nothing short of breath-taking... undeniably ground-breaking and technically dazzling ... Christmas extravaganza with a difference.”

What‘s on Stage on Howl‘s Moving Castle


★★★★ “The McGuire’s have created a world of trembling delicacy. ”

The Sunday Times on The Paper Architect, read the full review here.


Striking"..."Very, very effective."..”Probably the best thing in the show”

BBC Radio 4, Saturday Review on Ophelia's Ghost

★★★★★ “A piece that speaks to our imagination and challenges our notions what theatre can be... a unique piece showing us the power of small things in the most innovative, delicate and evocative ways.”

One Stop Arts on The Paper Architect, read the full review here.

★★★★ “A quietly sad portrait of a man who has created a beautiful world that is too fragile to last.”

Playstosee on The Paper Architect, read full review here.

★★★★ “Diana Wynne Jones’s tale gets a startlingly imaginative staging from directors and designers Davy and Kristin McGuire... technical wizardry is matched by colourful performances ... Stephen Fry’s teasing narrative injects the show with real warmth. ”

Metro on Howl‘s Moving Castle, read the full review here.

A moving installation... a clever, original take on Millais Ophelia in Tate Britain"

Mail on Sunday on Ophelia's Ghost

★★★★ “Mesmerising and groundbreaking… Howl’s Moving Castle will be talked about as the first show from a very talented creative team which will go on to do much bigger things. ”

The Public Reviews on Howl‘s Moving Castle, read the full review here.

“The award-winning husband-and-wife team have built a reputation for innovative, indelible works – blending animation, projection mapping, theatre, film, dance and papercraft.”

Computer Arts Magazine, read the full article here.

“Is it a play? Is it a film? Is it an installation? No, it’s super-theatre! ... Howl’s Moving Castle - a triumph of theatrical imagination.”

Westend Broadway World on Howl‘s Moving Castle, read the full review here.


"The Paper Architect is a 45 minute masterclass in puppetry and animation, which pays tribute to the impracticalities and beauty of human imagination and craft... It’s an enchanting show, fascinating in its ingenuity and beautifully performed."

ABC Arts on The Paper Architect, read full review here

“The couple have built up a formidable following for their unique aesthetic, which combines cutting-edge projection work with traditional, delicate paper models.”

Metro, read the full interview here.


“There is a quality to Davy and Kristin McGuire‘s work that keeps people guessing, and that‘s all part of its charm.”

Crafts Magazine, read the full interview here.


"This stunning [...] work [...].

Time Out Singapore on Botanica, read the full interview here.

“Protean artist duo”

Elephant Magazine, read the full interview here.


“They‘ve made this stunning, artistic video for this killer new song.”

Kerrang on Magnets caught in a metal Heart, see the article here.


“The Paper Architect is as delicate as a poem by Keats, like someone pressing on a pressure point you didn’t know you had... a stunning, bittersweet meditation… a teleportation to a Garden of Eden and an astonishing evocation of the most elemental emotions: the weight of desire and the unbearable sadness of near-forgotten nostalgia.”

The Londonist, read the full review here.


“It evokes a haunting sense of magic.”

Time Out on The Paper Architect


“A fantasy of romance, longing and the erotic, presented in terms of the most intricate, delicate animation and trompe d’oeil, it rightly won the McGuires this year’s Oxford Samuel Beckett Theatre Trust Award.”

Reviewsgate on The Paper Architect, read the full review here.

The Paper Architect was Critics‘ Choice in The Guardian, The Independent, Londonist, Exeunt Magazine, Another Magazine, i - The Newspaper.


“A fascinating technical departure, clever & engrossing, spectacular. ”

The Times on Howl‘s Moving Castle

“Southwark Playhouse’s heroically ambitious Christmas show… jaw dropping snowy vistas are projected on to the impressive cardboard set… Fry’s voice is as soothing as mulled wine… Daniel Ings is deliciously mad as Howl.”

Time Out Critics’ Choice on Howl‘s Moving Castle

“Avant-garde theatre.”

Contagious Magazine on The Icebook, read full article here.


“A beautiful ghostly theatrical miniature theatrical experience ... an amazing mix of forms.”

Digital Arts Magazine on The Icebook


“Unique ... illuminating Artwork”

PSFK on L‘Alchimie de Courvoisier, read full article here.


The Paper Architect is among the Observer's Top 10 best theatre shows 2013!

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