Les Galeries Lafayette

Animated Perfume Bottles

Proposal for Shop Window Projections by Davy & Kristin McGuire (October 2022)

We propose adding projections to areas in which we can reduce light levels because high levels of light wash out projections and impact their effectiveness and appeal. The areas that seem most suitable for allowing low light levels without negatively impacting the lighting design and  overall concept of the windows are the rooms inside Montaigne and La Colle Noire.

Screenshot 2022-10-11 at 16.44.33.png

La Colle Noire:

Based on the floral note of the perfume and the abundant flower gardens at Chateau de la Colle Noire we envision holographic projections of various types of flowers and butterflies into the bottles.

We also like the idea of showing the mixing of the perfume's 'ingredients' through colourful ink drop projections.

Screenshot 2022-10-11 at 16.44.58.png

Bois D'Argent:

The perfume bottles in this window could display a variety of projections based on the activities at Montaigne: character animations of Dior models and Dior's sketches but also coloured ink drops and particles that reference the lighting design.

Screenshot 2022-10-11 at 16.43.43.png

NB: Character animations in video above are for effect reference only. Movements and shapes would align with aesthetics in picture on the left instead.

Technical considerations:

- projection tests above are done 450ml bottles

- for best resolution we recommend one projector per 450ml bottle

- retail price for recommended projector is at around £500

- if the content for the bottles needs to be timed (e.g. a wave of colour going from one bottle to the next) a media server needs to be considered  (if the content for each bottle is independent it can loop on an SD inside the projector and no media server is needed)

- we can supply drawings for the technical and physical set up for each bottle (infrastructure of small plinth, mirror, projector and bottle) to be constructed by Dior

- all bottles used would need to be shipped to us prior to installation so we can apply the coating that catches the projection