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The experience economy is booming. 78% of millennials choose to spend money on desirable experiences over material goods. Shared experiences with friends and family have a deeper psychological link to long term happiness than buying products does.
With "The Lost Book of Alexandria" (working title) we want to tap into this trend and create a beautiful, meaningful, spine tingling and shared experience.

This project will be a fully immersive, large 360 projection mapped room inside the Counting House in which the room’s architectural features, interiors and furnishings come to life through projections and automations triggered by the turning of the pages of a book through the audience.

A group of ca. 12 people at a time will experience an interactive 20-30 min audiovisual show in which their actions will drive the story forward. The projected animations will be a mixture of pre-recorded mapped content and live feeds from a hidden actor using facial capture. The interior design of the room will be a theatrical set based on Victorian libraries, colonial collector’s display rooms and a Egyptian cabinet of curiosities.

We believe that we could create an experience that can run almost every day for several months, opening during Halloween 2023 with the potential to become a long term or permanent legacy project of Leeds 2023.

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