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Below are possible narrative themes which (once narrowed down) we will explore in conjunction with our writer Richard Hurford, local people from Holbeck and the British Library's archives:

Global mythology: genie in a bottle, pandora’s box, Curse of the Pharaohs, demise of the Library of Alexandria, Egyptian mythology

Local mythology: Holbeck residents’ personal ghost stories and paranormal sightings, local myths and folklore, different cultures and traditions that have moved in and shaped Holbeck (what are their stories and what is their relationship to spirits/the afterlife

Local history: the history of Temple Works, the future of Temple Works as part of the British Library, the life of John Marshall, workers’ lives at the mill, Temple Works' relevance to Holbeck and Leeds

Global history: Egyptian history, Temple of Horus, British colonialism and industrialism, 19th century British factory works and BC Egyptian slaves, pharaohs and industrialists, cultural appropriation

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