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MAD - Immersive Museum

List of Available Works 

A: Touring Installation Works

Ophelia's Ghost is a life scale, photorealistic projection of Ophelia, a tragic Shakespearean female character, submerged in water. The pieces was inspired by the Pre-Raphaelite paining of Ophelia at the Tate Modern in London.

It's a very contemplative piece with an evocative soundtrack.

We usually offer this installation to light art festivals and museums at a loan fee of £8300 (excl. VAT) for a couple of weeks to a couple of months. 

1. Ophelia's Ghost

Water Projection

2. The Hunter 

Animated Paper Diorama

The Hunter is an intricate paper diorama that comes to life through projected animations, music and sound effects. When the intricately cut paper model illuminates, tiny shadow figures seem to appear behind the diorama in order to depict a silent fable about the cruelty of human conduct and the ability to repent our actions.

This is also a very contemplative piece with a delicate soundtrack.  

We usually offer this to art festivals at a loan fee of £5000 (excl. VAT) for a week but we can negotiate something else for longer periods. We are also happy to sell it.

The Invited reimagines the gothic story of Dracula in a solitary séance in which an animated physical pop-up book serves as a conduit for Dracula’s curse to re-enter the modern world. One guest at a time is presented with an AR device and a hand crafted pop-up book. Each turn of the page reveals an intricate kirigami world that fills with AR holograms to tell the story of Vampire X’s unholy desires. 

This piece only just premiered at SXSW in March. It would be nice to have it permanently installed somewhere but we haven't thought about fees for long term runs yet.

3. The Invited

Augmented Reality Pop-Up Book

5. Pocket Size People

Mini Projection Installations

Pocket Sized People is a public installation featuring holographic projections of 15cm characters inventively making use of everyday human waste. It was the forerunner to Micropolis.

In the nooks, crannies and crevices all around us, tiny Borrower-like people live. Only revealing themselves after dark, they take our everyday waste and transform it to suit their needs. In a world where children’s sandpits become holiday resorts, a single French fry is a family meal and a small swarm of flies becomes a deadly stampede, these mischievous mini men survive, strive and thrive.

We usually charge £1500 (excl. VAT) per day if we set this up at art festivals.

B: Works for Sale in Galleries

1. Jam Jar Fairy and Mermaid

Hologram Video Sculptures

Available Fairies.jpg

Jam Jar Fairies are hologram video sculptures that can be hung on a wall. Each type of fairy comes in 8 editions. Since making Sirens we've also experimented with a mermaid in a bottle which we could develop very quickly as a new piece.

We've sold lots of fairies for £4500 each and we have 3 in stock at the moment. (Those last 3 fairies will probably be the last ones though because we are a bit tired of making them :)

Lucy is an intricately cut gothic paper diorama in which a player can navigate a digital female vampire player across a physical papercraft landscape.

We would sell this as an edition of 5 for £10.000.

2. Lucy

Papercraft Video Game

3. The Factory

Animated Wooden Diorama

The Factory is part of a series of artworks called The Dark Dollshouse which consists of 7 wall hanging, wooden paper dioramas that are animated with film noir characters.

We've sold 1 large version of this piece for £12.000 (5 editions), and various smaller ones for £6000. At the moment we only have a large version in stock.

AAF Wed 03 18 GBPhotos  135.jpg
dolls house.00_05_53_05.Still006_edited.jpg

4. Playhouse and Dollhouse

Animated Wooden Dioramas

Playhouse and Dollhouse are 2 other pieces from the The Dark Dollshouse series. 

We've sold 4 out of 5 editions of Playhouse for £6.000 (5 editions).

C: Commissions

1. Micropolis

Animated Cardboard World

Micropolis is a giant 10m x 10m wide and 5m high cardboard box metropolis animated by realistic projections of miniature people who reside as its inhabitants. Commissioned by Hull UK City of Culture 2017 Micropolis received 13,000 visitors during its 2 week run.

Using the constant stream of rubbish discarded by humans, they’ve been gathering, recycling and building, sidestepping the eyes and feet of giants to build their own world; it’s a sprawling and vibrant Micropolis.

Enter a world of skyscrapers, homes, shop fronts, bars and gardens, a city built on ingenuity and the desire to survive and grow. Explore a bustling city built from the waste of ours.


In 2016 we received a budget of £150.000 and an army of volunteers to create this piece. All that is left of this work are the digital files: the projection media and the cardboard design files which would need to be adapted for a new space.

We think that bringing this piece back to life could take around 6 months and a similar commissioning budget in order to adapt the design to fit a different space; to purchase/loan all equipment, materials and props; to cover the labour to build the models (the laser cutter for producing the cardboard cladding ran non-stop for weeks) and rent adequate workshop space/machinery to produce the piece (we had a very large facility to house the volunteers that assembled the props and cardboard cut-outs into buildings.)


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