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Pocket Sized People


Pocket Sized People is a public installation featuring mini projections of tiny 10cm characters inventively making use of everyday human waste. In a world where children’s sandpits become holiday resorts, a single French fry is a family meal and a small swarm of flies becomes a deadly stampede, these mischievous mini men survive, strive and thrive.


We want to develop this project for a large gallery space by adding scenes. The project currently only consists of 3 scenes but it is very popular which is why we would like to create another 10 mischievous scenes in order to create a full immersive gallery experience that will make visitors linger and smile.

We have previously created a similar large scale immersive experience based on this idea by building a huge cardboard set (Micropolis - see video).

This was very successful but very difficult and expensive to store and tour.

We would therefore like to use the same approach but instead of a big cardboard set let the little projected characters populate domestic objects arranged on shelves across a gallery.

The scenes could include:

Fishtank Fisher: A little projected fisherman sitting at the edge of a real fishtank trying to catch fish almost as big as himself.

Doll Dressers: A projected pair of girlfriends trying on the clothes of a real Barbie doll.

Hula Hooper: A projected little woman doing hula hoop exercises with a bangle from a physical jewellery case next to her.

Cannabis Farm: A little projected farmer harvesting buds off a huge physical (fake) cannabis plant accompanied by his farming wife stacking the buds. 

Birdcage Prisoner: A little projected prisoner kept in a physical birdcage and guarded by projected policemen.

The Wee Gardener: A little projected boy watering a physical house plant by trying to pee into the huge plant pot.

We would like to create at least 10 of these scenes in a variety of subject matters ranging from endearing to thought provoking.

Potential Gallery Layout:

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