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  • Davy & Kristin McGuire

April 2020: Hologram Jukebox and a Papercraft Video Game

We've spent the last couple of months solidly in the studio learning, experimenting and completing two new pieces:

An R&D grant from XR Stories meant we could upskill ourselves in games design, VR experiences and all that digital jazz. One of the three pieces we’re experimenting with is a papercraft video game which you can hang on your wall and then manipulate a game character through it.

The other piece is a Hologram Jukebox, a standard retro-looking jukebox with a big difference - when you select your song, you also see the artist appear as a hologram inside the box and perform to you.

Have a look at the teasers below and keep an eye on here to find out where you'll soon be able to see them live!

We aren't very good a taking pictures of our progress but here are a few stages of when we didn't get carried away just making work but also documenting the process:


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