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April 2021: Kristin's become a 'cover girl'

The book launch for 'Shakespeare, Spectatorship and the Technologies of Performance' happened last year but we've only just clocked it!

Professor Pascale Aebischer wrote a very inspiring essay about our hologram water projection 'Ophelia's Ghost' and we feel honoured to be included in her book and to have our piece featured on the front cover.

You can buy the book on Amazon, and maybe experience the installation in real life in the UK towards the end of the year.

In the meantime here is a little citation from the book:

"[...] Ophelia’s gaze appears to ask the viewer to return a reverse gaze and take action, plunge their hands into the water and pull her out. The installation, in other words, casts the viewer into the position of Gertrude: the observer sensible to the beauty of the event who is guilty of neglect in not preventing Ophelia’s drowning."

This month we've also enjoyed talking about our work Brought to life with Light at the Jaffe Centre for Book Arts in Florida, and about our new immersive tech adventures including The Invited at the Audience of the Future' programme which "presents the best of UK art, tech, immersive technology, advertising, music and innovation." Woop, woop.


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