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  • Davy & Kristin McGuire

February 2020: McGuire-Attenborough anyone?

Visit Belfast this February and explore a human zoo of pocket-sized people in our cheeky anthropological study of the human species!

This month Ulster University opened its foyer as an anthropological museum for our projection mapped terrarium-like display cases. The show has been extended until the 23rd of February so you can observe miniature humans and reflect upon how they behave under the various conditions we placed them in: at the beach, in the city, at an apocalyptic rubbish dump, you are aided by an Attenborough style commentary on headsets and get to explore these little people’s behaviour as if they were a different species.

Here's a few pics and videos of the installation (SOUND ON!):

Apocalypse Rubbish Dump

The Beach

The Natural World

The Urban Environment

The Wall

Concept and Creation: Davy & Kristin McGuire

Text: Christina Lewis


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