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  • Davy & Kristin McGuire

January 2020: Happy New Decade!

January saw the dawn for a 'Night at the Mansion' at Harewood House. This beauty of a stately home will sleep until spring but below are a few pictures to reminisce the projections seen by 32,734 visitors during its 6 week run!

(By the way, the McGuire/Harewood love affair is not over yet, but shhhhhh...)

Our first project this year is currently in transit to Belfast where we'll present you with a cheeky anthropological/zoological study of the human species.

If you remember our Pocket Sized People Project you'll be able to see those little fellow humans in large terrariums and hear a David Attenborough style commentary humorously describing the miniature humans' puzzling behaviour as if they were a different species.

SPECI/MEN will be on display at Ulster University Belfast Campus Foyer, daily 24.01. to 16.02.2020.


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