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June 2022: “mesmerising, exceptional, beautiful, jaw-dropping, unique, powerful, it made me cry"

Kristin's been trying to retire from dancing but it just doesn't seem to happen :) Instead she did a double bill with acrobat Nikki Rummer commissioned by Absolutely Cultured.

Her show, called Triptych, featured 3 short pole dances, one of which used holograms and video projections created by Davy.

Here is a video of one of the pieces and a few beautiful comments from the audience:

Amazing, beautiful, athletic and remarkable.”

“It was mesmerising, exceptional, beautiful, jaw-dropping, unique, powerful, it made me cry! I loved the visual/digital element.”

“I didn’t realise pole dancing could be so beautiful. Superb music and visuals.”

“This was amazing. Never been too keen on anything like this and honestly, I think this was the best thing I’ve ever seen. I wish I had come yesterday too so I could have seen it twice. Thank you.”

“OUTSTANDING! Visually one of the most capturing things I have ever seen. Completely captivated everyone in the room.”

“Basically gobsmacked at the level of talent I’ve just witnessed! As a pole dancer, it is so beautiful and refreshing to see the pole performed in such a positive and inclusive way. The projection perfectly paired with the choreography and was used so well!”

“Could have watched more! Absolutely brilliant! Beautiful, endearing, powerful, incredible strength and perfection of the art. Mesmerising and serene. The projection added a whole new level of WOW!”


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