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  • Davy & Kristin McGuire

May 2019: Funding Success

Exciting news alert: We've just received arts council funding to create a holographic jukebox!

But while we'll get started on that, there's tons of opportunities to see our 'rep' work this summer: From multimedia pop-up books to holographic faires, from tiny street art trouble makers to talking marble statues, from pole dancers in dolls houses to pre-raphaelite drowing women, and of course delicious food on talking plates...

Here are some dates for your diary:

9th May until August: The Banquet of Hoshena in London

17th to 19th May: Jam Jar Fairy at the Affordable Art Fair in Hong Kong

(By the way we are one of Hong Kong's top art work picks:

"Pushing the boundaries of art and technology, I love this holographic sculpture, created digitally through film projections and sound to display fairies in a jam jar. This really is a unique, not-to-miss artwork, which would make an amazing show-stopping piece in your home!")


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