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  • Davy & Kristin McGuire

May 2020: Studio McGuire goes Interactive!

It's been game galore at the studio! After creating our first ever video game which is set in one of our hand made paper sculptures we've now made two more games with a McGuire twist:


Bring back Super Mario, or better - our very own Super Plumber Man - and manipulate his digital self across your physical shelves in order to fight your action figures, trip your switches and delve into your picture frames...


We've developed a gaming app which can turn most buildings into a massive outdoor pinball game. This projection mapping app allows you to trace facades, windows, pipes and everything else that sticks out of a wall and turn these features into interactive pinball bumpers. Several players can send digital pinballs across the building to compete against each other.

Have a look at the demonstration on a cardboard building below - once Covid-19 is over we'll get it filmed on a real building - exciting!

Concept & Creation: Davy & Kristin McGuire Produced by Back to Ours Funded by XR Stories With support from Adam Tunnicliffe, Meggan Gumbrell and the University of Hull Made with @unitytechnologies.


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