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  • Davy & Kristin McGuire

May 2021: Funding success!

We've just received an offer letter from Arts Council England to develop our work on pole dancing and interactive projection mapping.

Vertigo - our non-interactive projection mapped pole dance piece was commissioned by Mime Festival received the below review so we thought we should keep going and explore it further.

"Best of the bunch, though, is Kristin and Davy McGuire’s Vertigo, which uses digital projections onto gauze to transform a sensuous pole-dance by the former into an image of humanity – in its grace and loneliness – moving through time and space. With artistry and technical precision, a shifting matrix of light accompanies, entwines and engulfs the movement to the sound of a heavenly Agnus Dei. Stunning. I could watch it on a loop for hours." (THE TELEGRAPH)

Every pandemic has a silver lining: The closure of museums allowed us to go back to Harewood House to document our favourite part of our large immersive visitor experience A Night at the Mansion. Click on the video below to see how we brought a beautiful Robert Adams ceiling to life with projections.

And finally, we've been turning some of our work into NFTs and you can check out our gallery of weird and wonderful creatures here.


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