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  • Davy & Kristin McGuire

September 2019: Another Funding Success!

We've received funding to create an immersive projection mapped platform game! (Whatever that is?! Well, watch this space...)

Thanks to Back to Ours and the University of Hull we'll be venturing out into the exciting world of combining gaming with fine art, projection mapping and story telling.

And here's what's going to happen in the foreseeable future:


Our madly delicious dining show is still running in Nashville and it will open in Kuwait on the 15th September, then in Stockholm on the 30th, followed by Dubai and Germany.

Also, our exhibition at the Herbert Museum in Coventry still runs until the 15th of September.


We are looking forward to installing our first international solo show in Amsterdam at Wanrooij Gallery (not far from the Rijksmuseum if you're in town). The exhibition will feature a new piece inspired by stained glass techniques, religious and pop iconography. We might also give one of our fairies an Amsterdam twist ;)


It’s after hours, the doors are closed and it’s the moment when Harewood House really comes alive. The statues are singing, the paintings are gossiping and there’s hustle and bustle both above and below stairs...

Yes, we are working on a big immersive, theatrical exhibition à la Night at the Museum for one of the UK's most beautiful country houses all to be revealed on the 21st of November and running throughout the year's darkest 6 weeks!

January 2020:

The new year will have us premiere a re-imagining of our pockets size people in Belfast. This popular little installation will turn into an anthropological/zoological study of the human species in terrariums, accompanied by a running Attenboroughesque commentary.


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