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  • Davy & Kristin McGuire

April 2019: The Banquet of Hoshena

We've been working on a mad and delicious, immersive theatre dining experience and we can't wait to launch the show at the end of this month in Westfield London (after which it will head to Dubai, Stockholm, Abu Dhabi, the USA and Germany).

Combining fine dining, theatre and projection art is a new venture for us but we've pulled all the stops to create the ultimate feel good and taste good experience: Talking plates, flying fairies and a hyper saturated world hidden underneath a table cloth...

Book here to get your ticket for The Banquet of Hoshena and scroll all the way down for where else you can see our works over the summer.

Photos: Anna Bean

Dates for your Diary:

17th to 19th May: Jam Jar Fairy at the Affordable Art Fair in Hong Kong

23rd May to 26th May: Pocket Sized People at ILT Festival in Aarhus, Denmark

31st May to 2nd June: The Icebook at Merseyside River Festival in Liverpool

15th June to 14th July: Starkers at Williamson Art Gallery in Birkenhead

16th June to 7th July: Jam Jar Fairies at Fresh Air Sculpture Show in the Cotswolds

29th June to 22 September: Ophelia's Ghost and The Dark Dolls House Series at Herbert Art Gallery & Museum Coventry

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