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  • Davy & Kristin McGuire

February 2022: From Mermaids to Vampires

People have always told us that they'd like to live in our paper worlds and we've finally created the closest option to experiencing this through our new Virtual Reality project "Grains of Recollection".

We absolutely love this prototype project and we are really looking forward to the possibility of taking this into full production.

The final experience will tell the story of a model maker with a failing memory who tries to piece together the story of her life through her paper creations...

We have also finally got a trailer for our underwater projection project 'Sirens'. Requests from all over the world for touring the piece are coming in, and we're excited to see where our beautiful mermaids might migrate to next.

And finally, our current project "The Invited", an gothic Augmented Reality pop-up book inspired by the story of Dracula, is starting to take shape inside our studio...


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