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  • Davy & Kristin McGuire

June 2021: Two more Funding Successes!

Lots of exciting news this month!

Creative XR

1. We're excited to announce that we reached the final stage of the prestigious Creative XR Content Accelerator Programme from Digital Catapult.

If all goes according to plan, then our Augmented Reality project ‘The Invited’ will be released midway through 2022. Watch this space!

XR Stories

2. If one grant wasn't enough we've just secured a second one from XR Stories who have been beyond supportive of our immersive technologies journey so far! Their investment helps us to do some research and development for a VR experience in which our audiences will be miniaturised and take an epic journey through our idiosyncratic, elegant paper-craft worlds.

3. COLORs Creation, a Japanese Creative Agency have just released a 1min mini showreel about some of our projection work. Watch it below.

Pole Dance in a Church

4. Last but not least Kristin had her first post pandemic gig where she pole danced in a church. We can't say too much about the incredible project she will be involved in yet but here's a video of the showcase's dress rehearsal...


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