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  • Davy & Kristin McGuire

June 2023: Collaboration with Dior in Kyoto and Shanghai

We've just returned from Kyoto and Shanghai where we created a new piece for Dior.

According to Dior's press release it's "a feat achieved through the inventiveness of Studio McGuire, who had already created a unique multimedia work for Dior as part of The Fabulous World of Dior exhibition at the legendary British department store Harrods. For this new collaboration, the studio has conceived a bespoke video-mapping system, initiating a captivating dialogue between poetry and technology."

Here are some glimpses of the piece as a water projection at the Hilton Roku Kyoto and as a floor projection in central Shanghai's historic district Zhangyuan :

And these videos show the context for which Dior commissioned the new works - watch all the way to the end if you want to see the projections :)


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